Kari was a one of a kind woman who woke up every day with a giving heart. She was caring, funny, feisty as ever, passionate, strong willed, and had a laugh that was contagious. She was a force in this world, loved as hard as she lived, had a heart of gold, and was always helping out anyone in need every chance she got. She was the person you could go to and never feel judged, and brought every party to life. One would never know the silent struggle she dealt with. Sadly, Kari battled with alcoholism off and on most of her life along with other demons. The world grew dark on December 27, 2013 when Kari silenced those demons for good and took her own life. She left behind a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful daughters, and lots of family and friends that loved her dearly. 'Kari On' was created in her memory to let her life legacy of giving, loving, laughing, and light be shared with the world. 

Kari Lee Schaffer

No matter the pain, suffering, mistakes, depression, darkness, or terrible things you've endured just remember..




Our mission is to create awareness around suicide and mental health. More times than not, people are scared to talk about their mental illnesses or are afraid to seek help in fear of seeming weak or being judged. There is a stigma behind mental health and suicide. Hurtful words are spoken to families left behind after a suicide happens because people don't understand and find it selfish. We want to end the way suicide is looked at. Instead of looking at it as a selfish act, we need to realize that these individuals could no longer fight for their life. We want people to realize it's okay to not be okay, it's okay to talk about what you're feeling, and it's okay to seek the help you need and feel whatever you need in order to survive.


Our vision is to make people comfortable with talking about suicide and mental health. We envision a world where if you're having a serious mental breakdown you aren't scared to call your boss and say you need a mental health day. We want to see people getting the help they need and be able to talk openly about their depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, OCD, or whatever it may be. Along with that, we want to help stop any judgment that occurs when talking about these issues. We also want to raise money to give back to people in need after a suicide occurs. Losing someone is hard enough without having to think about how you're going to pay for burial expenses and other costs. Let us help you pay for that, or counseling, or whatever else you may need in your time of grief.


Helping even one person would satisfy our hearts. Here are some of the goals we have for 'Your Story Is More'

  • Stop the stigma that comes with suicide and mental illness by talking about it and raising awareness.

  • Have enough funds to assist thousands of families with funeral costs, therapy, lost wages, etc.

  • Holding events for healing, community, and support.

  • Share your own personal stories along with others to let people know they are not alone.

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